We understand that one size doesn’t fit all for every market. It’s just not cricket is it? Well it certainly wouldn’t be if we tried to use terms like that in each market we do research in. We access reality through the design, detailed understanding and delivery for every project we conduct.

We believe effective global working is based on three important factors:

Knowing how to work in each market
We dedicate time to attending global conferences, talking to local specialists and building relationships with the right people to allow us to work most successfully in each market. This means we have built an understanding of the local healthcare systems, as well as the nuances in each market. Cathy has recently been in Mexico and Katy to South Korea. We love to get immersed in the global environment. And, sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference; like Japanese and Turkish languages adding extra time to interviews and therefore ensuring the interview length is long enough to get what we need. It might be that in Ethiopia mobile is far bigger than telephone or it could be that China has a tiered healthcare system, which also varies hugely from urban to rural locations. We know how to design the research based on the market dynamics and environment.
Working with the right people in each market
Our dedicated Field department have also built valuable relationships with our partner suppliers so we can get the very best from research in every market, which has a wealth of advantages. They understand specific considerations for recruitment, moderation style and have the ability to understand nuances and subtleties of language. We work closely with them to ensure we are taking all market considerations into account, recruiting the right respondents and getting the most from each interview or survey. So, whether it’s Bill in the US, or Start in China, you know they’ll have the local healthcare knowledge and business understanding to give the best results.
Being there…when you are
One of the biggest challenges of working across markets is ensuring smooth communication. We have a core team who design and manage the research centrally working cohesively with you as partners to ensure the highest quality. We also have client service hubs in the UK, US and Switzerland, so that you’re always heard and we’re there when you need us.

Wherever you are, you can contact us here