Segmentation – the foundation of strategic targeting

We are experts in customer and patient / consumer segmentation. You may need to segment on attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, demographics, or a combination of all of these factors tailored specifically to your brand and markets. We work closely with our analytics and statistics teams to use the best segmentation approach to fit your objectives.

As part of our segmentation toolkit, we have developed Attitudinal Segmentation® – a proprietary technique developed to address specific concerns that had been raised amongst marketing professionals, about the validity of traditional segmentation tools. It is based on the principle that how you respond and behave is determined by the fundamental attitudes and beliefs you hold – rather than by demographic factors alone. HRW’s Attitudinal Segmentation® is a robust and fully validated technique which can help you to better target your customers, or to segment the patients they treat. Whoever the audience, Attitudinal Segmentation® is proven to provide meaningful, actionable and lasting outcomes for your business.

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