We have been on a quest for ever deeper insights since 2001, so we’re no stranger to glittering new promises; there are always approaches or digital innovations claiming to be the next big thing.


We don’t take claims at face value: we have a dedicated team of 14 of our researchers focussed on innovation to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry. Even better, because we’re part of a broader consumer group (the MMR group) we have access to the latest and most dynamic thinking. When a new idea shows promise, we run self-funded projects to test it ourselves and see whether it delivers in healthcare. This means we’re the agency to go to for the latest tried and tested research approaches; always giving a balanced perspective and only recommending approaches that have passed our scrutiny to deliver validated insight and return on investment.


Innovation Team

Katy Irving
Global Head of Behavioural Science

Katy’s passsion is testing new technologies and assessing them critically to see whether they add value. Since 2009, she’s worked on several award-winning pilots including Google glass, wearables, virtual, and augmented reality, and passive measurement technology.

Jess Woodhead
Vice President

Jess has been part of HRW’s Innovation team for a number of years and is particularly passionate about utilising her knowledge of the MR space and curiosity for seeking out interesting and valuable methodologies to ensure HRW stays ahead of the curve. She led HRW’s self-funded study looking at stimulus impact and the value of virtual reality in MR; presenting this topic at the BHBIA, EphMRA and Intellus conferences and is also a proud owner of a BOBI award for “Most Innovative Approach”. She loves the challenge of thinking about what innovations may suit the pharmaceutical MR space and how we can use these to deliver greater strategic insight for our clients. 

Darren Vircavs
Field Manager

Darren joined HRW as a trainee field controller with a background in media production. Throughout his time at HRW, he has naturally been drawn to new digital solutions that make our way of working more efficient and also help HRW achieve better insights for research purposes. Being part of our innovation supplier stream is now an integral part of his role, and one of his key passions is looking to the horizon for new technologies. 

Fatima Dos Santos
Senior Field Manager

Fatima, having worn many different hats throughout her professional life, is a Senior member of the field team with over 8 years experience in Market Research. Her passion lies in putting all the pieces of a puzzle together, and always being on the lookout for better ways and innovative resources that can make an impact on the deliverables of a project. 

Lucy Saunders

Lucy has an academic background in Biology and clinical nutrition, and is a highly valued member of the Innovation team. She continuously supports the competitive intelligence workstream with her constant curiosity and skills for seeking out interesting competitor methodologies. 


John Friberg
Associate Vice President

John is our Associate Vice President in HRW’s US offices. He studied Economics and International Relations at Oberlin College, and since graduating has worked in market research gaining experience with a wide variety of approaches across qualitative and quantitative design. John currently leads our Innovative Suppliers Workstream, a bridge between HRW and our partners in the industry, put in place to foster collaboration and creative research design that pushes our offerings to grow alongside the evolving needs of our clients. 

Jason Yuen
Research Executive

Jason’s experience with innovation largely pertains to the growing insertion of Qualtrics within our quantitative projects. He believes that leveraging the platforms versatility when programming surveys allows us to keep our projects agile, and change things in a moments notice, to keep up with the different learnings we receive. His next mission is to do something similar with our data analysis and cross-tabulation phases, to ensure more efficient turnaround times.