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Everything we do at HRW is underpinned by multidisciplinary science and our dedication to accessing reality, so clients have been coming to us with behavioural research for years

We believe a shift in thinking is required to shift behaviour. Because in a growing, crowded, and nuanced healthcare marketplace, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out and little nudges can make the difference.

So in 2016, we united our valued healthcare market research expertise with advanced capabilities in behaviour change and HRW Shift was born.


HRW Shift is our specialist team of 10 behavioural science experts, who each hold deep expertise/qualifications in three key domains of behaviour change science:


This applied expertise is used to identify clues in healthcare professional and patient behaviour that give us an insight into the underlying cognitive processes. Shining a light on these hidden factors gives you an entirely new spark highlighting how to tackle problems, promote your product or understand your stakeholders.

Best of all, our team is different from others in that they not only explain customer behaviour, but take it further. We provide evidence-based recommendations on strategies or “nudges” to change behaviour in the face of your unique challenges. That’s why HRW Shift is the industry’s most awarded behavioural science team, truly taking the insight from the theoretical to the tangible: delivering measurable strategic change that shows up on the bottom line.


Some of our Behavioural Science awards include:



Where does HRW Shift add value to your project?


What kind of business questions can HRW Shift help answer?


Market shaping and belief journey work

  • What could we do to create opportunities for customers to use our brand?
  • Who influences decisions?
  • How are people feeling at different stages of their journey and how are decisions different?
  • How do we break habits?
  • How do we create habits?


Understanding physician decision-making and deeper attitudes/brand perceptions

  • What really drives physician decisions?
  • How do physicians differentiate between brands?
  • Why do physician perceptions differ from the ‘hard’ data?
  • What does our brand stand for in HCP’s minds?


Patient work (taking control, improving health behaviours, adherence)

  • Why don’t people take their treatment?
  • Why are patients resistant to treatment change?
  • How do patients conceptualise their condition?
  • How do we encourage patients to ’do what’s good for them’ or take responsibility and ownership for their condition?


Campaigns/Communications research

  • What would be the most compelling way to communicate our message?
  • What messages would really overcome physician’s objections?
  • What’s the best way to frame our messages to really resonate with customers?
  • Which concept will best resonate?

Shift Team

Katy Irving
Global Head of Behavioural Science

Katy is the founder of HRW Shift. She has an MSc from the London School of Economics and is an active member of the London Behavioural Economics network. In addition to applying behavioural understanding on projects for clients, she attends and presents at global conferences about behavioural economics in pharma market research.

Allie Dautrich
Associate Director, Behavioural Science

Allie completed her BA in economics and brings years of market research experience to the HRW Shift team. In her academic studies, she gravitated toward decision-making and behavior modelling but couldn’t quite accept the assumptions of ‘rationality’ held by traditional economists. Ultimately, she found a home in behavioral economics and experimental research design and has enjoyed how the market research industry has matched her enthusiasm for transforming academic learnings into tangible solutions, especially in the complex and heightened emotional environments of healthcare research.

Caitlin Reddiex
Senior Research Executive

Caitlin has a degree in Psychology, including years of applied expertise in accessing efficacy of applied psychological frameworks for belief change in the counselling setting and neurological disorders that she brings to HRW Shift to optimize behavior change interventions and methodological design.

Emma Neville
Senior Behavourial Science Analyst

Bringing a multi-disciplinary background to the behavioural science team, Emma has expertise in psycho-linguistics, discourse analysis, and a wide range of cognitive and decision sciences. Her experience applying this expertise spans consumer, academic and public health contexts including institutions such as Proctor and Gamble, the Cambridge Institute of Public Health, and the Cambridge Department of Social Psychology. She holds a first-class MPhil degree in Philosophy of Science and Medicine from the University of Cambridge and continues to enjoy learning about feminist epistemology in her spare time.

Iona Gillies
Research Executive

Iona holds an undergraduate degree in psychology, and as part of her degree, she completed a 12-month work placement specialising in research into neurological conditions. She now acts as a supporting member of the Shift team- offering her expertise in neuropsychology and methodological design.

Kiran Power
Research Manager

Kiran joined HRW in 2017 after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology followed by a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from the University of Nottingham. This has provided Kiran with a solid grounding in key constructs including the HCP/Patient relationship and the COM-B model, and thus she works with the core Shift team to ensure these validated constructs in Health Psychology are applied.

Lea Couchman
Research Executive

Lea joined the Shift Team back in January 2020. Since then, she has worked on several Fathom Reviews and contributed behavioural science insights to numerous qualitative and quantitative research projects. She may already be familiar to regular listeners of the Shift Podcasts, having made a couple of guest appearances on these, and she is also a regular contributor to the Bias Friday newsletter.

Rhiannon Phillips
Behavourial Scientist

Rhiannon’s curiosity about all things behaviour is so ingrained it’s practically a character trait. Completing her MSc in Social Cognition from UCL also provided her with training in the foundations of behavioural economics, she holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology as well as expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In short, if it helps explain and understand human behaviour she wants to know!