Behavioural Science FAQ Session

15.06.2022 - 30 mins

On the 27th April 2022, HRW Shift, our team of multi-disciplinary behavioural scientists were delighted to host our 2nd Annual Celebration of Behavioural Science webinar series. The day consisted of 5 webinars that covered a range of the latest hot topics in applied behavioural science in healthcare market research.

Each session featured a series of case-studies, as well as examples of how you can apply learnings from behavioural science in your everyday work!

In this session, HRW Shift gave the audience a chance to ask some of their own burning behavioural questions! Check out some of the questions answered below:

  • Which biases are underrecognised in healthcare marketing/market research?
  • How do you know which is the highest priority bias to leverage or overcome in order to grow the business?
  • Where do you stand on using facial coding, eye-tracking, and voice tonality recognition during research so you can get additional layers of behavioural data?
  • What are the main biases that apply in every situation and does such a thing exist?
  • What do you think is the next big thing in behavioural science in market research?


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