Biomarkers in Oncology

27.09.2022 - 16 mins

The interplay between targeted therapy and a patient’s expression of specific biomarkers is an important aspect to consider in the patient journey, and in prescribing decisions. 

Offering a targeted therapy to a patient whose cells do not express a biomarker would waste valuable time, effort, and cost, as it would likely not result in tumor cell death and shrinkage.  

To make matters more complicated, there are also certain indications where a patient might not express a biomarker at first, but then after a round of treatment, would express the biomarker meaning physicians might often have to re-test a patient after 1L or 2L therapy to see if they could potentially be eligible. 

Kirsty Page, Research Director, and Dylan Brown, Senior Research Manager, two valued members of OR:BIT, our Oncology Research Business Insights Team delve into why these dynamics are very important for us in healthcare market research, specifically when it comes to our approach in recruitment and discussion guide writing, how biomarkers impact how we think about research, and how they’re relevant to our clients in our latest podcast titled, ‘Biomarkers in Oncology’. 

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