Get Real - testing the impact of stimulus format on research outcomes

01.09.2017 - 36 minutes

Technology is always moving forward, yet we are still presenting physicians with patient profiles on paper and asking them to put this into the context of their work in the real world.

Thinking about what we have available to us, there are a number of ways that we can make stimulus more engaging, for example using multimedia, alternative framing, visuals or different formats. This is something that we do not always consider when it comes to creating market research stimulus: how does the way in which we present information influence the reactions we get in market research, and which of these gets us closest to the real world…?

Following on from our successful BHBIA paper, Jess Woodhead (Senior Research Manager) and Katy Irving (Head of Innovation) take us through the results of HRW’s self funded study into this subject, exploring the merits of spending a little more time on stimulus design…