In the know about dementia - HRW Shift Podcast episode 11

27.10.2020 - 34 mins

Our Shift team (HRW’s in-house experts in multidisciplinary behavioural science) continuously strive to explore ever evolving areas in the complex field of psychology, and the triggers and factors that underpin people’s behaviour in all aspects of life, but particularly in the healthcare market research area.

As health research progresses, we are learning more and more about risk factors for disease and how to prevent the onset of diseases before symptoms. But how useful is that information? In this edition of the HRW shift podcast, we explore the topic of dementia and ask ourselves the question: if you could take a test that told you whether you were going to get dementia, would you want to know? Many thanks to Allison Killen, whom we interviewed for this podcast, for lending your expertise and experience.

In the podcast we reference a 2020 Lancet Commission report on dementia prevention and intervention. If you’re interested to have a read of this report, you can find it at this link:…30367-6/fulltext

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