HRW Shift - Winning COM-B Nation

12.08.2019 - 32 minutes

This webinar centres around the COM-B model and its effective application in a healthcare research setting.

Fundamentally, most market research is about changing behaviour. Have you ever done market research and realised that you have uncovered some barriers, but you feel like you’re missing something? The COM-B model of behaviour change (that capability, opportunity, and motivation need to be present for change to happen) was created in British academia from a literature meta-analysis and gained significant international attention in the community as a tool to identify real barriers and facilitate behaviour change.

In this session, HRW Shift (our experts in applied behavioural science) take you on a journey through the application of the ‘simple as possible, complex as required’ COM-B framework as a tool in quantitative and qualitative research across a variety of business challenges, and respondent types. Enabling you to select the right methodologies, recognise the right barriers, and prioritise strategies to really change behaviour. In a mixed explanation and case study presentation, you will learn the model and see examples of ‘enlightening’ and ‘insightful’ impact for over 30 clients.