Digital Assessments

07.06.2018 - 49 minutes

Digital technology has become so integral in all aspects of our lives, that living without it has become unimaginable. Every day new, clever gadgets appear on the market, enticing us to use them, to make our lives better and more efficient. But, as we all know, not all these new gadgets deliver on this promise, and the same applies to new digital innovations employed in market research.

Many pharma brands have started turning to emerging digital technologies in the hope to heighten customer engagement. But how can the effectiveness of these technology offerings be measured in a market research environment? By using applied behavioural science, we look beyond the surface to dig deeper and identify whether these technologies have real potential to make a difference and, crucially, sustain engagement over time.

Having delivered a training session at the recent BHBIA conference on this subject, Katy Irving (Head of Innovation) tokes to the ‘floor’ again, to interrogate the real potential behind ‘whizzy’ technology offerings and what, if any, benefits they bring to the market research environment.

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