Into The Spotlight

14.09.2022 - 30 mins

Migraines are actually a debilitating neurological disease, and although they are seen as a common headache disorder, they remain poorly understood and neglected. We discovered at a recent Migraine Summit that they affect 1 in 7 people globally, so with this high level of prevalence it’s no surprise that we have a few team members at HRW that suffer with migraines.

In celebration of this year’s Migraine Awareness Week in the UK, Esme Barrow-Williams, Senior Director hosted our latest podcast titled, ‘Into The Spotlight‘ to help our listeners understand how it feels to be a migraine sufferer, from the perspective of both acute and chronic patients.

She spoke with, Nicola Vyas, Senior Director, and Lucy Saunders, Director and internal Migraine Consultant to unravel what symptoms they experience, management techniques, to what extent they feel supported by the healthcare system and what they would like people to know about this debilitating disease.


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