22.11.2022 - 16 mins

“You scratch my back, I scratch yours”. Standard economics considers individuals selfish, but behavioural economics explains that reciprocity (returning someone’s actions)is an evolutionarily ingrained concept, which we see at play every day: have you ever bought or considered buying a product when someone offered you a sample? Have you put more effort into a work-out because the trainer was nice?

Join Tony Jiang, Behavioural Science Analyst, and Alexandra Petrache, Senior Behavioural Science Analyst, both part of the HRW Shift team as they discuss reciprocity!

*Note: on the podcast, we talked about a study which identified a correlation between doctors being offered meals from sales rep, with the apparent effect of an increase in the prescription of branded drugs. We’d like to note that transparency provisions are now in place to preclude this, as well as to forbid provisions of meals or any gifts from pharmaceutical companies

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