Turbo-Charging Your Segmentation Studies with BeSci

01.06.2022 - 30 mins


On the 27th April 2022, HRW Shift, our team of multi-disciplinary behavioural scientists were delighted to host our 2nd Annual Celebration of Behavioural Science webinar series. The day consisted of 5 webinars that covered a range of the latest hot topics in applied behavioural science in healthcare market research.

Each session featured a series of case-studies, as well as examples of how you can apply learnings from behavioural science in your everyday work!

In this session, Rhiannon Phillips, Associate Director of Behavioural Science, demonstrates how secondary behavioural science analysis of existing market research data can be used to turbo-charge your segmentation studies. With the development of robust hypotheses to inform research design, behavioural science’s unique lens allows us to explore how the same factors could create different responses, or even no response, in different audiences.

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Speaker Profile

Rhiannon Phillips
Associate Director of Behavioural Science

Perpetually fascinated with behaviour and why we do what we do, Rhiannon’s curiosity led her to undertake an MSc in Social Cognition at UCL, an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology and gain expertise in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). She loves nothing more than puzzling apart behavioural patterns, something which perfectly compliments the challenge of teasing out the unique behavioural drivers of specific segments and contributed to the development of HRW Shift’s novel Behavioural Science Segmentation approach.


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