Our Approach

At HRW, we are market research experts in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, device and diagnostics space, and have a wealth of experience in a wide range of therapy areas, from Oncology to NS, Respiratory to Dermatology, Cardiovascular to Immunology, Ophthalmology to Rheumatology, to name but a few. Attendance at therapy area congresses ensures that our insights teams keep up to date with the latest thinking and innovation.

With an ethos underpinned by our philosophy of accessing reality, we are always striving to get as close to the truth as possible and proactively pursue multiple ways to help us achieve this. We select the most suitable approach to answer our clients’ business questions, whether this be qual, quant or an integrated solution. As award-winning leaders in innovation, we regularly conduct self-funded research to validate new approaches and test out new technologies; once we know their value, we are happy to launch them into the MR space.

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