who we are

Caroline Jameson

Global Managing Director

Caroline has headed up HRW since its birth in 2001.

Following completion of a PhD in Physiology (researching Stress Susceptibility in pigs no less), Caroline started her career in the pharmaceutical industry ‘carrying the bag’. Fourteen years, and a wide variety of sales and marketing roles later, Caroline expanded her horizons, joined HRW at its birth and hasn’t looked back. Caroline is passionate about HRW – trying to make sure that it is a great place to work with and for.

Caroline’s other passions are her family, friends and The French Alps – and spends as much time as she can enjoying all of them!



Christine Dalzell

Executive Vice President - US

After receiving her Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Christine found market research an ideal outlet for her research passion and desire to have an impact on how companies do business. With over 15 years experience she appreciates the unique and varied needs from both a research and insights perspective.

Although spending most of her career primarily focused on quantitative research, Christine appreciates the deeper, “behind the scenes” perspective that qualitative research brings and particularly enjoys marrying the two.

Christine’s experience covers over the counter and pharmaceutical products to medical devices and diagnostics across an array of therapeutic categories ranging from cardiovascular health to pain management.

Robyn Laurie

Research Director

Robyn joined HRW in 2011 after completing a Masters in evidence-based research at Oxford University. With previous degrees in psychology and linguistics, market research was the perfect career to bring all of her interests together.

Robyn is experienced in a wide range of therapy areas and consumer health categories, and thrives on developing long-term strategic partnerships with her clients, with a strong focus on integrated insights to ensure the research ‘lives on’ within the clients’ business.

Outside of work, good food, great wine, and travel are Robyn’s favourite things, preferably combined! Robyn is currently on maternity leave.

Jo McDonald

Research Director and Head of OR:BIT (Oncology Research Team)

Jo has a passion for all things ‘Oncology’ and is trying to make a difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families. Her career in market research spans both agency and client-side and she has held Oncology Insight roles on both sides of the fence, which means that she can apply both angles to the research challenges posed by clients.

She first joined HRW in 2011 as a contractor, but joined permanently in 2016 to head up and develop HRW’s Oncology offering, building a team of experts and a core set of clients.

When not juggling her job and three children, Jo enjoys distance running, cycling, paragliding and multiple holidays.

Nicole Shalette

Associate Vice President - US

Nicole comes to HRW with broad market research experience but concentrated in the Healthcare space covering a range of methodologies and therapeutic areas among physicians, patients and other key stakeholders.

She enjoys employing a holistic approach to answering business questions that utilizes the synergies between qualitative and quantitative research where one can both quantify results but also put a “face” to the research.

Please say hello if you see her at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival or in Jamestown, RI.

Fenna Gloggner

Head of Client Relations - CH

Fenna joined HRW in 2015 and heads up our Swiss client service hub, based in Basel.

She is agency-trained, but spent most of her career on the pharmaceutical industry side, where she was responsible for commercial insight activities across a variety of indications and brands, ranging from mass market compounds to ultra-rare diseases.

Fenna enjoys simplifying and condensing complex information, and still gets excited by digging out that one core insight that will make a strategic difference. At HRW, she helps make sure that our deliverables reflect the reality of our clients’ business, and make a genuine difference for them.

Pete Gibson

Research Director

Pete joined HRW in January 2007, with previous market research experience across pharmaceutical, retail, print media, B2B and FMCG. Pete’s healthcare experience spans a wide variety of different categories, and he is passionate about, nutrition, paediatrics, dermatology, allergies and OTC. Pete loves to get to the root of understanding what drives people’s behaviour to choose particular treatments whether it be healthcare professionals in their work setting or patients and consumers in the pharmacy.

Pete also enjoys his roles within HRW in the recruitment of trainee research executives and the training and development of colleagues on best practices.



Sian Guthrie

Research Director

Sian began her career in market research with HRW in 2007. She works across a number of therapy areas, but in particular is passionate about respiratory, oncology, auto-immune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, and any type of device testing!

Human behaviour and the drivers behind this have always fascinated Sian, and she has a keen interest in applying this insight to the theory behind market research. Sian enjoys feeding this theory into new approaches whilst using it to ensure the insightful and relevant interpretation of results.

Sian loves getting her teeth into quantitative projects and has extensive experience in both tracking research and developing appropriate benchmarks and metrics to measure. Sian is currently on maternity leave.

Nicola Vyas

RD and Head of Analytics

Nicola is Head of Analytics at HRW; she loves to get beneath the surface of data to deliver real insight to our clients and is passionate about developing new methodologies which better explain and measure human behaviour.

Particular areas of specialism include device testing, patient research and patient adherence. In particular, Nicola believes strongly in the value of integrated qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Outside of work Nicola likes to relax in a yoga class and is a qualified yoga teacher.

Clare Zamble

Research Director

Following a BA degree in Modern Languages, Clare has worked in international custom research for over 15 years, including in Africa, and exclusively in the Pharma sector since 2005. She joined HRW as a Research Director in 2013 and has a particular passion for designing and tailoring research approaches which work cross-culturally, drawing out emotional insights, and helping clients to develop communications and approaches which connect and resonate across markets or stakeholder groups.


Jeanette Kaye

Deputy Managing Director

Jeanette joined HRW in 2005, the HRW Board in 2006 and then became Deputy Managing Director. Jeanette’s passion is developing the people at HRW, forming strong strategic partnerships with her clients and making sure the research we conduct has true meaning by accessing reality for each respondent type and forming clear and considered recommendations which give our clients actions shaped to fit their business. Having worked in a variety of therapy areas and methodologies, Jeanette has a keen interest in Dermatology and loves to represent the view of the patient.


Andrew Bajorek

Research Director

Andrew has over 12 years of research experience, having worked for a number of global research firms.  Whilst he enjoys the range and variety of his role and working across therapy areas, he has a wealth of experience in patient research and focusing on accessing insights within rare disease areas.

He loves working in strategic partnerships with clients to achieve their goals and that in his role, every conversation can lead to something new.

Katie Olding

Global Human Resources Manager

Katie joined HRW in August 2017 and is based at our Wallingford offices. Her HR career has spanned over more than 20 years across several different sectors, where she business partnered with some large multi-national companies such as Vodafone and CAE, a commercial pilot training business, to name but a few.

She is passionate about helping us maintain our commitment to keeping people at the core of our business, creating growth opportunities for all our employees, with a key focus on development, progression and recognition.

Katie’s “other” job is volunteering as a Parent Governor at her children’s primary school – something that she finds incredibly challenging, yet hugely rewarding.


Katy Irving

RD and Head of Innovation

Katy is passionate about pulling validated frameworks from across disciplines to deliver reliable, scientifically-sound, strategic insight for our clients.  From behavioural economics to digital technology, she pursues the best ways to really ‘access reality’ through reading, attending and presenting at conferences; winning a Best of Business Intelligence (BOBI) award for ‘Best Customer Insight’ and ‘Best Paper’ at the EphMRA in the process.

When not in our lovely London office, she enjoys distance running (6 marathons and counting) and learning Spanish

Victoria McWade

Research Director

Victoria has over 20 years’ experience in the industry spanning both agency and client side.

She has worked on a wide range projects and therapy areas. Her career in the industry began in large, complex, multi-country disease and tracking studies, so learning early the need to distil large amounts of information into key insights. Over the subsequent years, Victoria gained her more rounded experience across a wide array of qualitative studies.

Victoria’s particular passion is maximising the value to clients. Having been a client herself in both, UK and Global roles, Victoria is all too aware of the need to push the research as far as possible, optimise engagement with internal stakeholders and provide truly actionable solutions for the business.

Esme Barrow-Williams

Research Director

Es joined HRW in 2005 and designs and manages domestic and international projects across therapy areas. She loves the variety of her role; the range of clients, methodologies and projects, and is proud to have won the Best Customer Insight award at the BHBIA BOBIs in 2010 and in 2014.

She is really focused on understanding her clients’ businesses to provide the most strategic recommendations and ensuring research is brought to life.

Her interests include running workshops and furthering her understanding of device usability research approaches.