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The story of HRW

Founded in 2001, HRW’s origin story starts with our sister company, MMR – a global consumer and sensory research agency in FMCG. Our founders quickly realised there was room, and demand to translate MMR’s growing suite of scientifically grounded and academically tested techniques and methodologies into the healthcare space.

Their shared vision was to create a team of experts who would have the edge on the competition and deliver powerful insights within the global healthcare landscape. And our academic heritage means everything we do is grounded in key scientific disciplines- enabling us to design more effective qualitative and quantitative research that delivers elevated insights across the product lifecycle. 

So, our ethos of accessing reality has been with us from the start! It’s catchy- but what does this really mean? 

It means we strive to go beyond surface-level explanations and illuminate the real mechanics and driving forces underpinning the healthcare space – both now and in the future. 

This can be through something seemingly small, like how we ask questions – the wording, or phrasing, that we use; this can be in the way we engage respondents – be it in-the-moment, over time, in an individual or community setting; and it’s in the specific techniques and analysis we apply. 

We’re proud to say that, over the decades, our ethos has taken us far! We have successfully partnered with hundreds of clients, including the majority of the top ten blue-chip pharma companies, and grown our team to cover multiple offices across the UK and US. In 2016, we established our large and multi-award-winning team of behavioural science experts, HRW Shift; and continue to grow our expert hubs- in Innovation, Data Science, focused therapy areas, and beyond.

We work globally, across over 50 countries, and are frequently recognised by our industry and peers as award-winning thought leaders and innovators.

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  • The birth of HRW

    We officially opened our doors in 2001, with a mission to translate MMR’s growing suite of scientifically grounded and academically tested techniques and methodologies into the healthcare space.

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  • Award-Winning Team

    Our work continues to be recognised internationally and as a result, we’ve won awards in multiple categories including EphMRA Excellence in MR Award, Best Use of Innovation (BOBI awards) and Intellus Worldwide Impact Award.

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  • UK and US Presence

    In 2014, we expanded our offerings for existing clients by opening an office in the US. Our presence in the US enabled us to be fully plugged in to the US specific healthcare issues and aid our clients with this knowledge.

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  • Agency of the Year

    We have been renowned for pushing boundaries and finding new approaches to our research, and in May of 2016, we won the Best of Business Intelligence (BOBI) award for ‘Agency of the Year 2015-16’.

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  • Time for a Nudge

    In 2016, we had a vision to unite our healthcare market research expertise with advanced capabilities in behaviour change, that would provide an additional layer to the way in which we approach market research projects. That vision soon became reality, and on the 25th of June 2016, HRW Shift was born.

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