BLOG 07.09.2018

What happens to the drug industry when we cure cancer?

BLOG 06.09.2018

Fusion and Focus: Mapping the landscape of oncology using mixed-specialty groups

BLOG 31.08.2018

Reality Check: Living and breathing with our respondents through adapted ethnography

HRW - London image

BLOG 17.08.2018

The HRW London team has moved

HRW - Rotating clock image

BLOG 10.08.2018

Keeping the Cogs Turning: Saving time and driving simple efficiencies in qualitative analysis

HRW - technology for transcription image

BLOG 20.07.2018

Technology for transcription when time and budgets are tight

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BLOG 13.07.2018

Predictive Analytics – The important insight might be in data you already have

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BLOG 05.07.2018

Representativeness – HRW Shift podcast

HRW - Award success image

BLOG 05.07.2018

HRW award success and ‘information overload’ at EphMRA 2018