In an era where we’re constantly surrounded by technology, attention is fragmented, and digital health is evolving rapidly, how do you really connect with customers?

Understanding digital behaviours and creating engaging experiences is no longer optional, it’s essential for healthcare brand success. Our expertise and range of approaches in this space make HRW the partner of choice for clients wanting to engage their audiences effectively in the digital space.

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User Experience (UX research)

When only 4% of digital products succeed, it’s critical to ensure that they are designed in context and with the end users needs in mind.

We work with our clients to develop, progress and optimize digital assets by putting HCPs and patients at the heart of the user experience. We combine a unique mix of healthcare and UX specialisms with in-house digital research and design expertise for tailored project development.

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Digital Behaviour mapping

To connect with customers in digital spaces, you often must meet them where they are. But where are they?

Understanding how people navigate the digital landscape has typically been a challenge, because traditional market research relies on asking questions about which channels they use and which websites they visit, which is subject to recall biases that paint a false picture.

Our approach overcomes these biases with both patients and HCPs by utilizing consent-based passive tracking technology on mobile and desktop to get granular on how they search for information, use apps, or consume information. Taking this approach equips client teams to help optimize digital journeys, improve communication and support more effective media buying.

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HRW Eavesdrop (Social Media Listening)

Social media is an evolving, NOISY and powerful data source. But existing Social Media Listening (SML) methods often fall short in providing real relevance.

Instead, they blur your intended goal by swamping you with data and leaving you without definitive answers. HRW Eavesdrop offers a solution that cuts through this noise via focused healthcare insights.

We refine the authentic voices of patients, Digital Key Opinion Leaders (DOLs) and doctors for real-world application at any stage across the product development journey. We do more than just ‘listen’. We refine raw social media data into actionable insights with clear business relevance. Leveraging our unique methodologies (powered by AI, linguistic and behavioural science analysis), we provide you with multi-layered perspectives, precisely aligned with your strategic goals.

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Awards, Papers, and Praise

Best Newcomer Award 2024
Outstanding Industry Partner Award
EphMRA 2023 Future Leader MR Excellence Award
Winner 2022 Best Customer Insight
Highly Commended 2022 Best Use of Innovation
HRW Poster Session: Reducing Stigma. Behavioural Science and Public Health Network 2022
Finalist for QUIRK’s Marketing Research and Insights Excellence Awards 2021: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Research Project
Highly Commended 2021 Best Use of Innovation
Highly Commended 2021 Best Patient-Centric Approach
Winner 2021 Best Newcomer Award
EphMRA MR Excellence Award for Innovative Approach 2021
Winner 2020 Best Use of Innovation
Market Research Society Awards 2020: Healthcare Research (Finalist)
Winner QUIRK’s Marketing Research and Insights Excellence Awards 2020: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Research Project
HRW Poster: behavioural science to improve HCP engagement with sponsored webinars during the pandemic 2021
HRW presentation in symposium: Virtual Reality and Chatbots. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change Conference 2020
HRW Poster: Passive mobile tracking use of apps for health behaviour change. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change Conference 2020
Highly Commended 2020 Best Patient-Centric Approach
Highly Commended 2020 Best Use of Innovation
Prize Winning Abstract: Vaccines. Behavioural Science and Public Health Network 2020
Runner Up MR Excellence 2019 Future Leaders Award
Winner 2019 Intellus Worldwide Impact Award
Highly Commended 2019 Best Business Impact
EphMRA 2018 Jack Hayhurst (JH) Award for Best Paper at Conference
Winner 2017 Most Innovative Approach
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association MR Excellence Award 2018
Finalist 2017-2018 Data Collection and fieldwork
Finalist 2017 Agency of the year
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association MR Excellence Award 2017
HRW presentation of key paper April 2017
HRW presentation of key paper May 2017
HRW presentation of key paper October 2017
HRW presentation of key paper – Viz Fest 2017
Finalist 2015-2016 Best Business Impact
Winner 2015-2016 Agency of the year
Best Paper 2015
Finalist 2018 Agency of the year
Winner Best Customer Insight
Winner Best Customer Insight 2012
Winner Best newcomer 2012

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