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Processes and compliance

We understand that compliance with codes of conduct and the relevant guidelines for our industry is essential and is key in supporting smooth approval of research materials; effective working with client Medical teams; and the protection and safeguarding of our respondents. 

We take pride in our compliance, and summarise some core principles below that help us achieve excellence in this area.

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Compliance with Data Privacy regulations, demonstrated by yearly certification undertaken by all staff members (six online modules).
BHBIA Guidelines
Compliance with BHBIA Guidelines through yearly certification for all staff (Legal and Ethical guidelines and ABPI/BHBIA AE Reporting) .
ISO Quality Standard
ISO 20252 and 9001 certifications with yearly external audit .
Compliance Expertise
In-house compliance department headed up by Audit & Compliance Manager Gerard Geneen.
EphMRA Code of Conduct
Compliance with EphMRA Code of Conduct principles .
Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Annual training on Anti-Bribery and Corruption Modules for all staff members.


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