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We don’t just tell patient stories. We translate moments of truth into actionable insight to optimise strategic thinking and help deliver patient-centric brand success.

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HRW Patient Research

We believe the patient’s voice is key to strategic business understanding as that of the prescriber and that the physician may not always be the right person to offer the patient perspective.

With the rise in patient-centricity in communications, prescribing influence and medication adherence, patient insights can have a significant impact brand strategy.

When it’s done well, patient research doesn’t have to be challenging, time-consuming or superficial. 

Two HRW researchers discussing patient journey market research.

By combining a bespoke recruitment approach, with evidence-based qualitative and quantitative methodologies grounded in Behavioural Science, we can help access the heart of the patient experience.

This enables our clients to challenge the status quo and improve business strategic understanding, and:

• Influence prescribing patterns and healthcare decision-making
• Increase medication compliance and adherence
• Optimise patient trust and adherence
• Improve all touchpoints of a patients’ healthcare experience

The true value of patient-centricity can be difficult to quantify without a scientific methodology. It’s why we: 

HRW researcher doing patient market research.

Use approaches that allow our clients to walk in their patients’ shoes and clearly hear the voice of the patient. 


Enhance understanding of different segments of patient personas, the behaviours that underpin them and how to communicate better with them.


Have proven techniques for recruiting a robust sample of the right patients in the right time frame .


Present our data to support confident business decisions based on concrete recommendations underpinned by behavioural science.


How are we different? We are:

Our HRW Spotlight team combine our patient research with behavioural science. This means we go far beyond recording patients’ behaviour to give concrete recommendations as to how, for example, to overcome patient barriers with medication adherence and communications engagement.
Successful recruiters
We have the ability and experience to recruit hard-to-reach patient audiences through working with expert field partners and using both digital and non-digital recruitment approaches used for recruiting to clinical trials. 
Our ethos is based around innovative patient methodologies such as our Soulmate™’ duo interviewing approach, our commitment to patient care and our behavioural science overlay.
Data interpreters
As patient experts, we focus beyond ‘telling patient stories’ to interrogating data through a behavioural science lens to optimise your strategic thinking. This means our clients can measure the gaps between the intended experience for patients versus the actual experience and identify patient pain points limiting brand success.
Thought leaders
We’ve won 12+ international awards, including the EphMRA Excellence in MR Award, Best Use of Innovation (BOBI awards) and Intellus Worldwide Impact Award, and delivered scores of industry abstracts and papers.

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