Working towards a greener future


At HRW we care deeply about Accessing Reality; whether that’s accessing the reality of the healthcare landscape or the reality that climate change is here and requires urgent action.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We don’t have all the answers – yet! But we believe in transparency, and so we have taken our first step towards reaching that mountaintop.

We recently measured our Carbon Footprint for 2022/2023, and have identified areas we can improve including the way in which we collect data.

As a result, we’ve also rolled out activities at different levels of the business including reducing business travel, reducing our office footprint, and conducting company wide awareness training aimed at raising the conversation and rolling out awareness initiatives.

Near-Term Science-Based Target

We have also set our Near-Term Science-Based Target (via the SME pathway) and look to address and reduce our footprint in line with that whilst work towards setting our Net Zero Long-Term targets in due course.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a corporate climate action organization that enables companies and financial institutions worldwide to play their part in combating the climate crisis.

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Follow us on our journey to planetary health!

We hope you join us on our journey towards creating a planet that nurtures human health and the health of nature and allows us to live in balance on our beautiful Planet Earth.


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