Accessing Reality

We are market research experts in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, device and diagnostics space, and have a wealth of experience in a wide range of therapy areas.

Our scientifically grounded approaches deliver powerful, elevated insights that access the reality of the healthcare landscape, across the product life cycle.

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HRW Shift

Do you know why patients or physicians behave the way they do?

HRW Shift, our team of behaviour change experts, shine a light on the hidden factors at play through the multidisciplinary and evidence-based lens of behavioural science- which can give you and your team that fresh “spark” in seeing how we tackle problems; promote your product; or understand your stakeholders. 

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HRW Innovation

We apply our innovative thinking to determine, evaluate, and validate the most powerful, visionary, and cutting-edge market research solutions for our clients’ needs.

We achieve this through committed investment and self-funded studies, and continuous assessment and scoping of the ever-changing market research landscape- in healthcare and beyond.

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Who are we?

We are a team of passionate multidisciplinary experts based in our UK and US offices, with global capabilities in over 50 countries.

We are driven by our shared mission to get to the heart of our clients’ business questions and are well equipped in our quest.

With access to integrated centres of excellence, including our award-winning Behavioural Science team HRW Shift, our Data Science Team, and a devoted Innovation Hub, we are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver new, tailored approaches that meet our clients’ needs in an ever-evolving space.

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Our Expertise

Awards and Key Papers

Best Newcomer Award 2024
Outstanding Industry Partner Award
EphMRA 2023 Future Leader MR Excellence Award
Winner 2022 Best Customer Insight
Highly Commended 2022 Best Use of Innovation
HRW Poster Session: Reducing Stigma. Behavioural Science and Public Health Network 2022
Finalist for QUIRK’s Marketing Research and Insights Excellence Awards 2021: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Research Project
Highly Commended 2021 Best Use of Innovation
Highly Commended 2021 Best Patient-Centric Approach
Winner 2021 Best Newcomer Award
EphMRA MR Excellence Award for Innovative Approach 2021
Winner 2020 Best Use of Innovation
Market Research Society Awards 2020: Healthcare Research (Finalist)
Winner QUIRK’s Marketing Research and Insights Excellence Awards 2020: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Research Project
HRW Poster: behavioural science to improve HCP engagement with sponsored webinars during the pandemic 2021
HRW presentation in symposium: Virtual Reality and Chatbots. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change Conference 2020
HRW Poster: Passive mobile tracking use of apps for health behaviour change. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change Conference 2020
Highly Commended 2020 Best Patient-Centric Approach
Highly Commended 2020 Best Use of Innovation
Prize Winning Abstract: Vaccines. Behavioural Science and Public Health Network 2020
Runner Up MR Excellence 2019 Future Leaders Award
Winner 2019 Intellus Worldwide Impact Award
Highly Commended 2019 Best Business Impact
EphMRA 2018 Jack Hayhurst (JH) Award for Best Paper at Conference
Winner 2017 Most Innovative Approach
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association MR Excellence Award 2018
Finalist 2017-2018 Data Collection and fieldwork
Finalist 2017 Agency of the year
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association MR Excellence Award 2017
HRW presentation of key paper April 2017
HRW presentation of key paper May 2017
HRW presentation of key paper October 2017
HRW presentation of key paper – Viz Fest 2017
Finalist 2015-2016 Best Business Impact
Winner 2015-2016 Agency of the year
Best Paper 2015
Finalist 2018 Agency of the year
Winner Best Customer Insight
Winner Best Customer Insight 2012
Winner Best newcomer 2012

Our team

We are incredibly proud of our team and are eager to celebrate and reward this collection of smart, enthusiastic individuals at every opportunity.

We know that it’s the people who really make a project a success and will recommend the right mix of backgrounds and specialisms to give our client’s the ideal team for the job.

Our people
Ico Members of the HRW healthcare market research have a meeting.
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Join Us

Whether you’re a graduate looking for the right career for you, or an established researcher seeking a new, exciting team, we’re always looking for people to add to our culture and growing business.

Click below to learn about our current vacancies.

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Healthcare market researcher in an HRW meeting.


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