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We help you cut through complexity with powerful, innovative quantitative solutions: delivered impactfully by our multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, developers, and analysts to maximise value for commercial and marketing teams.

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HRW Data Science

We know that there are tough, complex business questions in the healthcare space that can only be answered by going beyond surface-level data.

These might be at times within your product development where you need complex data for your strategic decision-making; to accurately assess opportunity or forecast brand performance; or to accurately segment your marketplace. Such as when:

• Multiple factors influence your product page
• Physician attitudes and demographics need to be segmented
• You want to re-target your communications to different attitudinal segments
• Demand for your product may change with different factors or attributes


Our Data Science team collaborate with our Research Team to co-design targeted and bespoke solutions for your specific business question.

Through this made-to-order approach, we deliver you actionable data and clear recommendations ready to share with your wider team and senior stakeholders.

We know the outputs of advanced analytics aren’t useful to you if you can’t visualise them intuitively. That’s why we use innovative methods to make all data and statistics accessible and powerful for you, via immediately usable outputs such as:

Bespoke simulators which allow you to assess brand potential, predict future demand, and model likely scenarios.

Typing tools to allow your sales team to easily identify different customer segments and thus provide tailored approaches to engage relevant HCPs.

Visual representations of the market context including brand maps that clearly and concisely synthesise competitive and emotional brand positionings. All in an easily digestible format.

How are we different? We are:

We design data science solutions to match the reality of your business landscape and then demystify complex analysis and data patterns to provide clear and robust answers to your questions.
Our Data Science team is made up of 35+ multi-disciplinary data scientists, developers and analysts who sit under four key functions and partner with our innovation team. Our team regularly attend the latest conferences and innovate across both the consumer and healthcare arenas.
We are experts in the full suite of cutting-edge analytics used in market research and have been running data science and quant research in the healthcare space for over two decades. So, we’ve tried and tested all our approaches in a wide variety of client situations and therapy areas.
Thought leaders
We’ve won 12+ international awards, including the EphMRA Excellence in MR Award, Best Use of Innovation (BOBI awards) and Intellus Worldwide Impact Award, and delivered scores of industry abstracts and papers.

Interested to work with us? Here’s our process


Step 1: You make contact

  • We have an initial call to understand your business question
  • You outline your challenge in collaboration with your dedicated Research Team

Step 2: We begin research design

  • We identify the requirement for Data Science input
  • We determine applicable methodologies and discuss their use with our experts; understanding benefits, drawbacks, and utility of different approaches

Step 3: We have a kick-off meeting

  • We introduce our proposed advanced analytics approaches and explain how they will fit with the broader research methodology
  • Your Data Science team may be present to talk through the “behind the scenes” details
Members of the HRW healthcare market research have a meeting.

Step 4: We start active research and analysis

  • Quantitative fieldwork takes place to gather data
  • Our Data Science team get to work applying a suite of tools and techniques to go beyond the surface-level data and mine potent insights

Step 5: We run your debrief workshop

  • We embed insights with your team; bringing advanced analytics to life through the use of data visualisation, data mapping, and simulators. If required, a member of the Data Science team will be present to talk your team through this content
  • You receive guidance to shape your next steps



Kieran O’Sullivan

Lead Statistician - London
Kieran graduated with a BSc in Mathematics, and later went on to complete his MSc in Statistics. He is an integral part of the MMR and ...
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Kieran O’Sullivan

Lead Statistician - London

Tony Karalis

Director of Software Development - London
Tony graduated with a Bachelor of Science in computing and joined the MMR family ...
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Tony Karalis

Director of Software Development - London

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