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We are a global team with capabilities in over 50 countries, including Latin America and APAC. If you’re curious about our ability to reach a particular region or market, just get in touch– chances are we’ve been there, done that!

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Global capabilities

With offices in the US and UK, and our large network of established local fieldwork partners, we are equipped to follow wherever our clients’ needs take us, anywhere in the world.

Our integrated, global team means that, where appropriate, project teams are based on seamless collaboration between different office locations; covering timezones and delivering focussed expertise as required.

Our deepest roots are in the US and Europe, but we consistently manage projects in dozens of emerging markets including:

• Middle-East
• China
• Japan
• North Africa
• South Africa

We speak to a wide variety of stakeholders using different methodologies, tailoring our approaches to fit with specific countries’ needs, culture and feasibility. Wherever you need to gain understanding of the market landscape, we’re there with the local knowledge to help guide the way.

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Global reach of HRW in healthcare market research.


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