Multimedia Outputs

How we engage your teams and internal stakeholders is extremely important to us – not just at the point of the final debrief, but throughout the project too, to support buy-in and inspire global and local teams to take meaningful action as a result.

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An eye on the prize- from the start

First, we prioritise conversations with our clients about data application and audience. Our deliverables need to be actionable, live on in the organisation and be easy to re-access and re-use: and it is our goal to provide presentations and reports that meet this expectation, every time. 

Telling truthful stories, not listing facts

We challenge ourselves to increase impact by weaving our findings (both qual and quant) into a meaningful story to follow and apply to your business questions. We use story-lining techniques and structuring approaches to cluster and organise ideas and themes, and re-build them into a meaningful flow for your audience- often underpinned by rich observations and recommendations from our Behavioural Science experts, HRW Shift.

Multimedia outputs

With audiences growing weary of “Death by PowerPoint”, we go beyond the presentation to share insights in creative and interactive media form, working with our Creative Lab to use the right tools for the job: videos, animations, infographics, newsletters, virtual immersive experiences and even using props (from popcorn to handbags…). We have won awards for our creative outputs: get in touch to find out how we can deliver to excite and energise your team.

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