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Summary of ISO 20252 principles for Suppliers.

Annex A – Sampling including Access Panels


General (ISO Section A.1)

Supplier will have in place adequate documentation of its sampling methodologies and sources.


5. Access Panels (ISO Section A.5)

5.1. General Requirements for Access Panels

5.1.1. Access Panels are actively managed. At the recruitment stage agreement is obtained from panel members.

5.2. Recruitment of New Panel Members

5.2.1. Confidentiality and Transparency

At the recruitment stage, Supplier will communicate openly with panel members about the purpose of the panel, and how the data collected from the panel will be used.

A privacy statement is available for panel members,

Supplier only adds to the panel participants who have consented to the terms and conditions of membership,

5.2.2. Access Panel Recruitment

At the recruitment stage, Supplier will obtain from panel members their agreement to participate in research projects and will inform them about the general conditions of participation, and that they may at any time request to be removed from the panel.

5.2.3. Methods of Recruitment

Supplier agrees to disclose to HRW upon request the methods of recruitment used.

5.2.4. Source of Recruitment

Supplier agrees to disclose to HRW upon request the types of sources used for recruitment and the number and nature of those sources.

5.3. Validation of Identity

5.3.1. Supplier confirms that it validates the claimed identities of new panel members, documents how it validates their identities, and keeps records of the results.

5.3.2. Validation of Identity at Recruitment.

The Supplier ensures that identities of potential panel members are validated during recruitment.

5.3.3. Subsequent Validation of Identity

Supplier validates identities every time panel members participate in research.

Supplier works with its clients to identify and remove fraudulent and inattentive participants, and records the actions taken.

5.4. Requests to unsubscribe

Supplier provides panel members with a straightforward method for removal from access panels if they choose.

5.5.  Access Panel Structure and Size

5.5.1. Access Panel Structure

The service provider shall describe the structure of access panels and make this information available to clients.

5.5.2. Access Panel Size Supplier will define and explain to HRW upon request the size and capacity of the access panel. Supplier will specify their capacity to deliver access to the same panel members more than once if required by HRW.

5.5.3. Profile Data of Panel Members

During recruitment the Supplier will collect and update profile data on all panel members and make this available upon request to HRW.

5.6. Access Panel Management

5.6.1. Procedures are documented and will be made available to HRW upon request.

5.6.2. Incentives

The Supplier enables panel members to check their accumulated incentives.

5.6.3. Maintenance

Supplier interacts with panel members at least once every 12 months, whether as part of a research project or by updating profile data, or otherwise.

Supplier keeps records of individual panel member’s participation.

At least once every 12 months Supplier will identity panel members who no longer meet the requirements of panel membership.

5.6.4. Updating Profile Data of Panel Members

Supplier requests panel members to update their profile data at least annually and provide a means for them to update it more frequently if they wish to.

If panel members do not change any of their profile data, this can be considered an update and confirmed as such.

5.6.5. System Requirements

Supplier will maintain adequate systems to allow the implementation of the requirements above.

5.6.6. Panel Member Support

Supplier provides a technical support or helpdesk to panel members in order to address their requests.

5.7. Access Panel Usage and Frequency of Participation

Supplier monitors the frequency of participation of panel members and has methods to identify which panel members have taken part in which research.

Supplier has a policy regarding the number of reminders that panel members may receive related to each project. The number shall not be excessive.



Annex B – Fieldwork

2. Management, Recruitment and Training of Fieldworkers (ISO Section B.2)

2.1. Fieldworker Recruitment

Supplier evaluates the suitability of potential fieldworkers (such as moderators and content analyzers) on the basis of their previous work experience and qualifications, or references.

The level of relevant experience is established for each project. Evaluation includes language ability.

Information obtained during recruitment is documented and retained for as long as the fieldworker carries out work for Supplier, and for one year thereafter.

2.2. Basic Training for new Fieldworkers

Supplier trains fieldworkers. The training is appropriate to the nature and complexity of the work to be carried out, including training on legal and ethical requirements, and relevant requirements of codes adhered to by Supplier.

Supplier maintains training records, which are signed or authenticated by both trainer and trainee.

2.3. Continuing Training and Appraisal of Fieldworkers

Supplier undertakes a performance appraisal at least annually for fieldworkers with feedback to the fieldworker, and identification of the need for further training where necessary.

Supplier will document appraisal reports and details of any additional training required, and retain those records with the fieldworkers’ personnel records.

6. Qualitative Data Collection (ISO Section B.6)

6.1. General

This section covers the collection of qualitative data from participants by specially trained moderators or fieldworkers.

6.2. Qualitative Participant Recruitment

Supplier makes details of participants and how they were recruited available to moderators.

6.3. Qualitative Participant Recruitment Validation

Supplier ensures that validation of participants is carried out, confirms identities and excludes “Professional” participants by using appropriate participant documentation.

6.4. Qualitative Moderation

Supplier ensures that moderators are briefed and fully prepared including in the use of any techniques not explicit in discussion guides.

Supplier ensures that moderators provide feedback related to any issues found during interviews, including those with respect to the match of participants to recruitment criteria,suitability of facilities.

6.5. Recording of Qualitative Research Interviews and Participant Confidentiality

Supplier ensures that recordings of interviews are only conducted with consent, that a Privacy Notice is given to participants in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Supplier ensure that Privacy Notice and Consent are given and received covering recording of interviews, transfers, purpose and use, and client viewing.

  7. Validation (ISO Section B.7)

7.1. Supplier carries out validation as soon as practical during or after fieldwork.


Annex E – Self Completion

  2. Data Collection (ISO Section E.2)

Supplier keeps and will share appropriate information with the Company about how data were collected.

3. Validation of self-completion

3.1. General

Supplier documents for each project how participants are to be validated.

3.2. Validation of Identity

Supplier validates the claimed identities of participants.

3.3. Validation of response data

Where validation is possible, Supplier implements procedures to identify and remove fraudulent and inattentive participants. The Supplier is prepared to replace any participants so excluded.


Annex F – Data Management and Processing

 1.  General

The principles of this section are to be observed in general and the specific services offered are to be agreed on a project by project basis.



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