At HRW our strength is our people. We value our multi-disciplinary team and all the fun and interesting people that make our company so successful. In case you didn’t realise how delightful our people are, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight a few of our team members around the globe, continuing with Senior Field Controller, Hannah Smith:

Q: What do you do outside of work?
Hannah: I love going out and socialising with friends and family. I am passionate about sports, and spend my weekends watching football (I am a massive Man City supporter)

Q: What do you like most about working at HRW?
Hannah: I love working in such a welcoming and friendly HRW team environment (it has a real family feel to it). It is also very interesting with the diverse range of projects that we get to work on across the globe.

Q: If you had to describe HRW as an animal, what type of animal would we be?
Hannah: I would describe HRW as a herd of elephants, this is because of the close family feel of working here and the fact that we all work together as a team (and always give a helping hand if someone needs it).

Q: Tell me about a project that really interested you.
Hannah: I did a study last year which was on Schizophrenia and MDD patients, where we conducted interviews with Psychiatrists that were personally involved with these patients. As part of the research, they had to conduct audio logs each time they saw a specific patient, and it was really interesting to see the progress of these patients and how the physicians deal with the different scenarios that they are faced with.

Q: What is your favourite part of the project process?
Hannah: I work on the field side of projects, and my favourite part of a project is the set-up phase: getting all the logistics sorted and preparing for the project to kick-off. I also love working with fieldwork agencies all over the world.

Q: Tell me about something on your desk that makes you smile.
Hannah: On my desk I have a massive minion which I won from an arcade in my favourite place (Swanage) – it always makes me smile, which is good when I am having a busy day.

For more information about Hannah, or any of our other team members, contact us info@hrwhealthcare.com.


By Hannah Smith

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