At HRW our strength is our people. We value our multi-disciplinary team and all the fun and interesting people that make our company so successful. In case you didn’t realise how delightful our people are, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight a few of our delightful team members around the world, continuing with Senior Analytics Executive Jaz Gill:

Q: What’s your back story?
Jaz: I’m Jaz Gill (often referred to as Jazalytics); been here 6 months and counting as a Senior Analytics Executive; based in London town!! I studied medical microbiology which has been useful in my work, actually, as my focus throughout was primarily on microbial interactions and exploitations, which are of use in the healthcare setting along with quite a few elective courses on statistics. Mind you, I didn’t realise that I was setting myself up perfectly for a healthcare analytics role until I stumbled across this job offer.

Q: What do you like most about working at HRW?
Jaz: I hate how cliché this sounds, but it’s going to have to be the people. A really lively bunch of diverse minds coming from so many different backgrounds and feeding into the same pot to achieve one unified goal. I guess that’s actually one of the greatest things about this company as well; that we really tap into each individual’s strengths and let them flourish because of it.

Q: If you had to describe HRW as an animal, what type of animal would we be?
Jaz: Ah, this is a difficult one. I have two thoughts, if you are limiting this question to just animals and therefore the organism must be classified under the kingdom Animalia then…

a) The Phylum Tardigrada (sometimes called waterbears or moss piglets), if you had to force me to pick a species probably Milnesium Tardigradum as they are the little outer space bosses! My rationale for this answer is their immense diversity of environments they can not only adapt to and survive in, but reproduce and flourish. All this without even being classified as an extremophile because of the fact they are not genetically designed to exist in every kind of condition imaginable, but rather they have an insane ability to adapt to any environment and make it work to their advantage (even in the vacuum of space with the onslaught of all that ionising radiation in the case of Milnesium Tardigradum). I think HRW is well rounded and equipped to step into any arena and thrive there.

However, if my answer can be a living organism, but not restricted to the kingdom Animalia then it would without a shadow of a doubt have to be

b) Myxococcus xanthus the epitome of selflessness amongst all living creatures, the microbial equivalent of a colony of ants or a wolf pack. They are bound closely to one another, moving in highly organised swarms secreting a schmorgesborg of enzymes which make no material an obstacle or indeed off the menu for survival and proliferation. However, better yet is their reaction in difficult situations and times of great peril (when their food sources run out). They form fruiting bodies and myxospores which are able to guide them through times of hardship. It doesn’t end there, oh no my friend, some of these heroic and inspirational little fellows actively sacrifice themselves for the good of the colony and distribute their cell contents and nutrients to be recycled amongst the other cells!

Q: Tell me about a project that really interested you.
Jaz: Project Zumba! Not only does it have a quirky and catchy name, but it was an awesome piece of forecasting research in emerging markets which gave me the greatest and most intriguing analytical challenge of my research career so far. Being able to utilise our trademarked ESET methodology across several therapy areas and scenarios for a whole host of possible treatment combinations which physicians were able to create and build themselves rather than just being forced to select a list of rigid options was possibly the closest thing to a real life treatment decision making process that I have ever seen. No doubt it made the analysis extremely complex and presented a monster data file for us to begin unravelling, but that’s what I’m paid to do and that’s what I love to do.

For more information about Jaz, or any of our other team members, contact us.


By Jaz Gill

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