A team functions best when everyone pitches in, and a mindset of collaboration and engagement, both internally and externally, is a way of life at HRW. In this next installment of our “Meet the Team” segment, we introduce US-based Project Coordinator, Laura Anderson. Read on to find out how Laura’s work behind the scenes on projects can contribute to an improved patient experience- and why she likens our business to a pack of meerkats…

Q: What do you do at HRW?

I’m a Field Project Coordinator based in the US. I handle the fieldwork logistics of a project, liaising with external partners in local markets to ensure smooth execution of recruitment within the project timelines and budget. Aside from performing quality control of field services for projects, I work alongside our research team on the client proposal development process; by providing them with field services costs and making recommendations on the best course of action in terms of recruitment- and recommending the right partners for the job.

 Q: What do you like most about working at HRW?

I recently relocated to Florida and now work remotely. I had the preconceived fear that I would be left out or loose contact with my colleagues. But on the contrary, HRW is such an engaging and collaborative environment that I feel as if I was working in the same space with my colleagues in NY and the UK.

Q: If you had to describe HRW as an animal, what type of animal would we be?

I would say a Meerkat! These animals live in groups, hunt together in a collaborative effort and they teach their young. Just like the meerkats, we are a “family” that works very well together.

Q: Tell me about a project that really interested you.

I’m thinking back to one of my very first projects when I started working at HRW. We were exploring the consent process in clinical trials from a patient and Site Coordinator’s perspective. We recruited and interviewed over 50 clinical trial patients from a combination of therapy areas and approximately 20 Site Coordinators. It was very compelling listening to their unique stories and their experience with clinical trials. After concluding all interviews there was one common element that stood out; their need to feel empathy from healthcare professionals involved in the recruitment process and to feel part of the “team”; part of the solution, rather than “guinea pigs”.  At the end of the project, we were able to provide our client with meaningful insights and tangible solutions to their consent process which could result in improved patient experience, recruitment and retention.

Q: What is your favourite part of the project process?

In my opinion respondents play the most important role in market research: without their input we would not be able to gather data to analyze- much less provide our clients with meaningful insights on a particular subject. So, for me the most gratifying part of the project process is when we have recruited all the right respondents for a project, within the desired timeframe!

Q: Tell me about something on your desk that makes you smile.

I have a cork board in front of my desk where I have a picture from one of our family trips of my two children playing in the sand. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of how much fun they had and how fast they are growing.


By Laura Anderson

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