At HRW our strength is our people. We value our multi-disciplinary team and all the fun and interesting people that make our company so successful. In case you didn’t realise how delightful our people are, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight a few of our delightful team members around the globe, continuing with Associate Director Robyn Laurie:

Q: What’s your back story?
Robyn: I grew up in sunny South Africa, moved to the UK to study in September 2009, and joined HRW in September 2011 as a trainee. I’m now an Associate Director based in our Wallingford office, although I spend a bit of time in our London and New York offices too.

Q: What did you study at university/college?
Robyn: My BA was in Psychology and Linguistics, and I have a Masters in Evidence-Based Social Intervention focused on HIV prevention. I didn’t plan it this way, but healthcare market research has been the perfect career to bring together all aspects of my education.

Q: What do you do outside of work?
Robyn: There are few things that make me happier than delicious food, good wine and travel (even though I have the worst travel luck of anyone at HRW)!

Q: What do you like most about working at HRW?
Robyn: There is so much I love about working at HRW – from our forward-looking approach and focus on innovation, to the variety of qual and quant projects across pharma and consumer health. There’s never a dull day! It goes without saying that my colleagues are the best in the business and I love having the opportunity to work with a multi-disciplinary team who are passionate about market research.

Q: Tell me about a project that really interested you.
Robyn: We conducted a global deep dive project last year (across 3 continents!) that helped our client to update and deepen their understanding of constipation sufferers’ experiences and treatment choices to ensure global launch success & sales growth of their product.

I really enjoyed this project because of the opportunity to explore the consumer perspective qualitatively from a number of different angles, and validate the findings in a quantitative phase. We used in-depth interviews. duos (incorporating our proprietary technique SoulmateTM), accompanied shops and an online community. We also incorporated the HCP perspective to explore the wider consumer context. All of these methods added a different layer of insight that helped us to bring the consumer experience to life for our client.

There’s so much I can tell you about this project, but it’s a story for another blog post (coming soon!)

Q: What is your favourite part of the project process?
Robyn: The analysis phase – delving into all the data we’ve collected and pulling out the story for the client, and then thinking about how they can use the findings and recommendations within their business context, is by far the most rewarding part of the project process.

Q: Tell me about something on your desk that makes you smile.
Robyn: The trio of cacti that my not-so-secret Santa KP (Kirsty Page) gave me for my first Christmas at HRW. I’ve had so many compliments about them over the years and people are always shocked when they realise they’re 100% fake!

For more information about Robyn, or any of our other team members, please contact us info@hrwhealthcare.com.


By Robyn Laurie

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