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Our Culture

When people ask about our culture at HRW, we’re more than happy to tell them about our ethos of genuine collaboration, passion, integrity, and thoughtfulness. We cultivate individuality and creativity and are proud of our ability to identify and develop the strengths and interests of our people.

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Investment in Your Growth

We offer an industry-leading training programme and invest heavily in both internal and external training sessions to provide a tailored support structure for each employee. We believe our team should be “thriving, not just surviving” at work, and are constantly seeking new ways to help our team to expand their expertise and explore areas of interest.


Inclusion and Global Working

We are not a team limited by strict hierarchy and closed working groups, but rather we welcome ideas from everyone across the team: encouraging contributions and idea generation from the moment new colleagues join us. We maintain a global culture across our UK and US offices, encouraging inter-location working, visits, and secondments to further strengthen our team and to keep learning from each other.


Team Building, Activities, Reward, and Benefits

Day to day, our team can be found amusing each other by sharing well-chosen GIFs in our company chat; bouncing ideas around the office; or taking advantage of happy hour together. We offer regular company days and socials see us getting stuck into all manner of adventures: Tai-Chi, tapas, pizza making and treasure hunts, to name a few…


Wellbeing is a priority, and we offer a competitive suite of employee benefits and initiatives, including:

Hybrid working model and flexi hours

We offer a hybrid working policy, meaning you get to work from home 3 days a week and start a little later/earlier should that suit you best. 

4pm finishes on a Friday

That’s right. We work hard and as a result, we’d love for you to start your weekend a little early and enjoy some of the cool perks our offices have to offer. 

Fresh fruit and snacks in the office

Are you a serial snacker or suffer with a raging sweet tooth? We regularly stock up on office munchies to keep a smile on everyone’s face throughout the day. 

Regular company off-site meetings, socials, and training days

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to step away from your desk, and immerse yourself into 

Team breakfasts, lunches, and drinks

We believe that bringing people together to celebrate and socialize is a great way to inspire each other and keep us close as a family. 

Access to a discount portal

Did somebody say discount? Being part of the HRW family means you’ll have access to hundreds of discounts for popular products and services.

Competitive holiday allowance

We all experience holiday blues at least once a year, but with our generous allowance we’re sure you’ll have that feeling at least a couple of times a year.

Retirement/pension benefits

We know this probably isn’t something at the top of your radar, but when the time comes and you’re heading down to see the grandchildren, you’ll thank us for our contributions.

Professional development

Who wouldn’t want to better themselves? We offer you the opportunity to certify or upgrade your market research qualifications.

Rest-time scheme

If you’ve had a couple late nights in the office or feel a little jet lagged from travelling, we encourage you to take back some time for yourself. 

You Days

As a thank you to the hard work and devotion demonstrated by our team, we offer 3 ‘you days’ a year should you like to volunteer, give back to the community, or if you feel as though you simply need some time to yourself. 

Private Healthcare

We truly do care about you, that’s why we offer private medical insurance that also includes a few services that members of your household can take advantage of. 

Purchase additional unpaid leave

Are you a holiday fanatic or just need a little extra time off? You can purchase additional days off to suit your needs. 

Additional healthcare or Cash back plans (dependent on location)

Interested in trying some alternative therapies i.e., reiki or homeopathy? We offer cash-back on a range of scans, check-ups, therapies, and alternative therapies. 

Birthday day off

As a happy birthday (and in addition to your competitive holiday allowance), you will have the day-off on your birthday

Quarterly reward incentives

We reward our team with quarterly bonuses for meeting company targets


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