Our Shift team (HRW’s in-house experts in multidisciplinary behavioural science) continuously strive to explore ever evolving areas in the complex field of psychology, and the triggers and factors that underpin people’s behaviour in all aspects of life, but particularly in the healthcare market research area.

The latest episode explores the cognitive processes involved in processing faces and voices. Join  global head of behavioural science Katy Irving, joined by two members of the Shift team, Iona Gillies and Lea Couchman who studied facial processing and vocal recognition (respectively) in academia. They discuss the following questions: What do we get from a face, what do we get from a voice? Which is most important when it comes to emotion, recognition, and communication? And how can we use this information to our advantage in a virtual work and market research environment?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or tweet us at this link: twitter.com/HRWShift

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