Our Shift team (HRW’s in-house experts in multidisciplinary behavioural science) continuously strive to explore ever evolving areas in the complex field of psychology, and the triggers and factors that underpin people’s behaviour in all aspects of life, but particularly in the healthcare market research area.  Join them on episode 13 of their podcast relating to memory and getting reliable accounts from memory in research…

Have you ever lost your keys or forgotten a friend’s birthday?

Then you are familiar with just how fallible memory can be- we are very prone to forgetting.

Worse still, our memories can be distorted and manipulated by information we learn about after the memory is encoded. What does the unreliability of memory mean for research?

Well, the stakes are never so high as during in criminal investigations. In this context, investigators use a technique called ‘the cognitive interview’ when questioning eye-witnesses, a technique designed improve the chances of accurate recall of information about a crime scene.

Our in-house forensic psychology expert, Lea Couchman, tells us all about the cognitive interview process and draws out learnings for robust interviewing in market research contexts.

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