HRW is the market research partner of choice for healthcare, pharma and biotech businesses seeking a competitive edge, through scientifically grounded methodologies and perceptive insight. Not only do we work with world renowned giants of the healthcare industry, but we also partner with up and coming organisations. Whichever the client, our continuous quest to get beneath the surface and truly understand people’s behaviour and the decisions they make ensures we are the go-to partner for insight driven research. We’re considered “thought leaders” in our field, particularly when it comes to behavioural science. That’s part of the reason we’ve won so many awards for our work!


What else?

With offices in the US and UK, and our large network of established local fieldwork partners, we are equipped to follow wherever our clients’ needs take us, anywhere in the world. Our ethos is underpinned by our philosophy of accessing reality, and we are always striving to get as close to the truth as possible and proactively pursue multiple ways to help us achieve this. Aside from all this, we think we’re a great group of people to work with, with a hugely inclusive culture and genuine desire to have fun whilst we get things done!

As a Senior Research Manager you will take responsibility for leading projects, working with the HRW research and operations teams to design and deliver quality projects, resourcing them effectively and running them smoothly and efficiently through excellent communications both internally and with our clients. A Senior Research Manager will consistently develop client relationships, play a key role in business development by understanding account strategies, attending client meetings and writing persuasive proposals. A Senior Research Manager will be a lynch pin between the wider research team and the senior management team.


Key responsibilities include:


• Lead projects, ensuring that high quality is maintained, client relationships are developed, tasks are delegated appropriately to the project team, deadlines are met and communications are consistent so that projects are run smoothly and efficiently
• Take a lead in the financial management of projects
• Share key learnings from projects across the business
• Take a lead in writing and finalising implications and recommendations for projects, working closely with the project team and research director
• Moderate fieldwork where appropriate and attend fieldwork days in the UK and internationally where appropriate
• Manage issues / problems as they arise


Business Development:

• Understand own accounts’ strategies and use this knowledge to help generate research ideas for their business
• Develop relationships with clients and look for new opportunities
• Produce detailed plans for own accounts
• Take the lead in client meetings
• Take a lead in proposal writing (writing persuasive arguments and justifications)



We are looking for a candidate with ad hoc agency experience within the healthcare sector, who has ideally worked on a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative projects. Strong organisational, time management, team working, excellent attention to detail and communication skills are essential.

In order to fully develop into the role, you will be able to demonstrate competency in key behavioural and technical skills:



• Self-Management – Handles several important client situations at the same time, skilfully juggling with priorities and resources to meet client expectations; manages client expectations in pressure situations.
Communication – Communicates thought provoking and sometimes complex concepts; stimulates and interests audience through own style of communication. Does this verbally and in writing via proposals, emails, debriefs etc.
Working with Others – Supports and advises others in the research team helping them to develop themselves for career growth.
• Client Service – Develops additional or new business through building trust and respect with prospective and existing clients.
Innovation/Creativity – Looks for new and different ways of tackling challenges that arise on projects / within business / among team
Learning and Improving – Takes a lead role in coaching juniors in team and monitoring their development. Actively seeks out new learning experiences and puts onus on self to self-develop.



• Project Design – Defines projects and writes proposals with minimum input from senior management where precedents exist; identifies appropriate techniques when conceptualising projects.
Project Management – Negotiates with the client to achieve mutually agreeable solutions to project changes in terms of cost and time implications; manages several projects at one time, of a range of complexity and type.
Client Focus and Client Management – Develops additional or new business through building trust and respect with prospective and existing clients.
Analysis and Interpretation – Demonstrates insightful thinking and interpretation recognised by clients as adding lasting value; colleagues see this person as someone to be sought out for their analytical ability



Teams who play together, stay together and in addition to our regular company days, and our many diverse social activities, we also recognise the importance of holistic well-being and value perks such as:

• 4 pm finishes on a Friday
• Flexible working hours and home working permitted (subject to business requirements)
• Regular company off-site meetings, socials and training days
• Social events including breakfasts, lunches and drinks
• Access to a discount portal providing hundreds of discounts for popular products and services
• Competitive holiday/vacation allowance
• Mentoring scheme
• Rest time scheme to recover from travel and late working
• Volunteer days

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