In this webinar, Rhiannon Phillips, Associate Director of Behavioural Science, demonstrates how secondary behavioural science analysis of existing market research data can be used to turbo-charge your segmentation studies. With the development of robust hypotheses to inform research design, behavioural science’s unique lens allows us to explore how the same factors could create different responses, or even no response, in different audiences.


How can BeSci be used to turbo-charge your segmentation studies?

– Designing surveys around existing behavioural insights means questions can be tailored to elicit the specific unconscious cognitive biases and emotional influencers at play

– Designing this way shines a light on how the same bias can impact segments differently, providing a fuller, more complete understanding of target audience behaviour

– Blended with insights from the core research, enriched, behaviourally informed and actionable recommendations targeted at individual segments are generated to drive the desired behaviour change


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