How well do the techniques lend themselves to generating meaningful insights? How we do we best use this type of technology to access the reality of patient needs?

There are three vital principles which drove our need to explore wearable technologies:

  • Health outcomes are drive by what happens outside of the consultation room
  • It’s impossible to understand the patient perspective and provide the right support without walking a mile in their shoes
  • The need to better access reality by overcoming memory fallibility and maximising access to context dependent on memory

We explore our experiences using wearable technology to capture ‘in-the-moment’ insights to access the ‘unknown unknowns’ of patient experience in our latest webinar, ‘Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Accessing Patient Reality with Wearable Technology’, presented by Esme Barrow-Williams, Director.

If you’d like to access this on-demand webinar, please fill in the form below and a member of our team will provide you with the recording.

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