BLOG 27.02.2020

A museum curator, a vintage bedpan and the history of penicillin...

BLOG 19.02.2020

HRW present their prize-winning abstract at the BSPHN Annual Conference 2020

BLOG 17.01.2020

The Red Run 2019: HRW dash around Victoria Park for World AIDS Day

BLOG 13.01.2020

The BHBIA 2019 Winter Seminar: "Let's be Frenemies.... You, Me, and AI"

BLOG 13.01.2020

MADS East 2019: Are We Making the Most of Analytics in Healthcare Research?

BLOG 10.01.2020

The PM Society's Agile Event: A Tale of Two Halves

BLOG 04.12.2019

HRW 2019 Holiday Greetings

BLOG 02.12.2019

IIEX Behaviour UK: The Power of Context

BLOG 26.11.2019

The 2019 HRW Innovation Challenge: Winners All Around