Agility In Action

28.10.2020 - 30 minutes

Following the success of our EphMRA Agile webinar in September 2020, our in-house expert Yuliya Fontanetti (Senior Director, Operations and Compliance) takes you on a journey of practical examples and application of agile principles in healthcare market research.

In this session, we explore some of the myths and master the challenges of successful agile application, starting with project design, touching on considerations for effective kick off, engagement of experts, material design and compliance.

We share some of our past experiences that help guide your own agile journey, showcasing examples of learnings that created some amazing customer-centric deliverables as a result. Taking that first leap into the world of agile is always challenging, but with our practical advice and ideas on better application, we hope you come away inspired and confident in making it a success.