HRW announces landmark Google Glass Study


We are so excited to reveal something we’ve been keeping under our hat for months now – the HRW teams have been piloting the use of Google Glass for healthcare market research!

We had been reading the coverage in the press and were keen to see how it would work ‘in reality’ so the very day it was made available we registered ourselves as ‘Google Explorers’ and picked up one of the ‘beta launch’ pairs.

We’ve used this ground-breaking opportunity of being first to really put Glass through its paces; although we could see right away that it was ‘cool’ we knew it also had to add value to the research in order to be added to our select toolkit of validated approaches.

So, we experimented internally to learn the technology and understand its full range of benefits and limitations, and we put the Glass through a series of landmark self-funded studies with patients and healthcare professionals, to see what it delivers – research that is the first of its kind.

So is it worth all the hype? Well, get in touch if you’d like hear more, see our projects’ outcomes or have a demonstration.