Behavioural Science

What’s going on behind the scenes? In the human brain, up to 90% of the activity at any given moment is outside our conscious control.

However, we have a secret weapon: HRW Shift is a 10 person team of experts across multiple domains of behavioural science (behavioural economics, psychology, health psychology, organisational psychology, neurolinguistic programming, and psycho-linguistics). This applied expertise is used to identify clues in healthcare professional and patient behaviour that give us an insight into the underlying cognitive processes. Shining a light on these hidden factors gives you an entirely new spark highlighting how to tackle problems, promote your product or understand your stakeholders.

Best of all, our team is different from others in that they not only explain customer behaviour, but take it further. We provide evidence-based recommendations on strategies or “nudges” to change behaviour in the face of your unique challenges. That’s why HRW Shift is the industry’s most awarded behavioural science team, truly taking the insight from the theoretical to the tangible: delivering measurable strategic change that shows up on the bottom line.