Though the sunny weather in Orlando had us feeling thirsty for an ice-cold Margarita, the theme and concepts featured in this year’s PMRG Connect Conference were certainly our cup of tea!

All sitting within this year’s topic of “X Marks the Spot: Mastering Integrated Insights”, we spent three days exploring subjects as varied as eye-tracking, early stage forecasting, the use of apps to dial-up patient centricity… as well as cat food, German wine, and abandoned dogs.

Immersed as we are at HRW about the principles of behavioural change and their application in market research, we were pleased to see the varied programme included some notable figures within this field amongst the keynote speakers: such as Jonah Berger and Daryl Weber, shining a light on the subconscious biases that can be addressed to unlock potential in brand communication, and providing food for thought on how we can transfer learnings from the consumer world into the more complex healthcare environment.

Elsewhere, we were delighted to take in a wide range of papers from our colleagues both agency and manufacturer-side: showcasing plenty of innovation and smart thinking in response to the ever-changing and challenging pharmaceutical landscape. We were also very pleased to present our well-attended paper, “See the Forest & the Trees: Insights from Integrated Datastreams”– led by Cathy Haw (Associate Director) and Christine Dalzell (EVP of US Research). It was a pleasure to share this case study on the subject of successful insights integration in response to a challenging brief, and have some lively discussion with our audience on how to bring workshops to life in practice.

As we reflected upon the conference in our after-party haze, all of the discussions, debates and round-tables from the conference has us thinking even more critically about the application of behavioural economics in MR- particularly when bringing together insights from multiple topics. As our in-house behavioural change unit, HRW Shift, grows from strength to strength, we are keen to continue to innovate and challenge ourselves to go beyond simply identifying different biases and heuristics- and to make sure we’re developing analytical solutions to make this science work hard for our clients.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s PMRG Connect conference- and in the meantime, we’ll be checking out the PMRG Institute in New Jersey in October: see you there to share another cup of tea (or perhaps something stronger…)

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