HRW attendance at the Intellus Worldwide Summit 2018


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We are delighted to announce that we’ve been accepted to present a paper and co-lead a discussion group at this month’s Intellus WW Summit 2018 in Philadelphia.

Christine Dalzell and Jessica Woodhead will be presenting a paper on ‘Get Real: Bringing the patient voice to physicians through VR’ (a parallel session on day 2, May the 7th, at 4:05 pm).

Traditional market research ‘patient profiles’ force physicians to imagine scenarios outlined on paper; make decisions ‘cold and hard’ when we know many of these decisions are habitual, emotional, and rely on subconscious cues. What if there was a way to bring a real patient profile ‘to life’ in research without giving up the consistency of the profile or robbing the client of viewing opportunities? HRW did just that – exploring the impact of patient profile format on physician reactions in a self-funded qualitative and quantitative comparative study testing four types of stimulus on the spectrum from traditional to next generation: control (standard text), infographic, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The results demonstrate how much the patient voice and body language play a role in healthcare professionals’ responses, and delivers tangible recommendations for how to bring the dynamic reality of the patient experience into the market research environment.

In addition, Lisa Logan will be co-leading a discussion group on ‘Improving Patient Trial experiences’ (a parallel session on day 3, May the 8th, at 11:05 am).

Say hello if you are attending too.

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