You may already know that amongst our central philosophies at HRW is the concept of “Accessing Reality”: getting to the truth of the matter for a given research problem by removing the biases that you might see when following more traditional market research approaches.

These biases can often be seen in the common methodologies utilized to test brand communications – messages, concepts, visual aids and the like. While it is necessary to rigorously test communication materials to gain detailed feedback and ensure clarity of message, a 60-minute in-depth interview is not the way in which your target audience will engage with your communication in the “real world”.

At HRW, we have applied a specialized approach which overcomes this issue to ensure communications testing is as grounded in reality as possible. We’re now proud to announce that our collection of methodologies and techniques for comms testing has a name… Introducing INTER:COM.

So, how is INTER:COM different? Well, our thinking is informed by our in-house group of behavioral scientists (HRW Shift), who utilize an understanding of the drivers of behavior to help us to inform the core need in communications research. We know that it’s not just about the impact that a piece of communication has on a potential customer in the moment of engagement: it’s the “stickiness” of the communication in staying with the customer until that moment of purchase (or in our case in the healthcare world, the moment of a treatment decision!)

Using this emphasis on stickiness, our INTER:COM approach helps you to REDUCE, REFINE and REALIZE your most impactful campaign. Using real world exposure techniques as well as examining what stays after the initial encounter, we can give you clear answers to your business questions. Was the message clear? What elements stuck? Was the correct message interpreted? Which message was most impactful in driving consideration? These are all questions that are answered through INTER:COM.

We would love to talk to you more specifically about our approach and what this might mean for your campaign. Please do reach out to us to hear more info@hrwhealthcare.com.


By Lisa Logan

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