The HRW team attend the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA) Conference.

On a warm June day, Caroline Jameson (Global MD), Jo McDonald (Head of OR:BIT Oncology team), Cathy Haw (Associate Director), and Katy Irving (Head of HRW Shift Behavioural Science Team) journeyed from the UK to Basel, Switzerland, where they were reunited with local Fenna Gloggner (Head of Client Relations).

They came together for the annual EphMRA conference, held at the Basel Congress Centre. With themes around patient research, artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, behavioural science, GDPR, and digitisation, the conference promised opportunities to discuss and share the latest thinking and network with peers and clients across the industry.

This year we had many reasons to celebrate:

  • Fenna completed her first year on the associate member’s board of EphMRA
  • Katy chaired two sessions in analytics and behavioural science as a member of the programme committee
  • Cathy, alongside Dennis Engelke of Jazz Pharma, accepted the trophy and presented a case study of their project* titled “Beyond the Comfort Zone: Packing a Punch with Dynamic Deliverables and Behavioural Science” that won the EphMRA Excellence in Research Award for Influencing Strategic Direction via Engaging and Actionable Deliverables
  • Katy and Yuuki Ochiai of Janssen co-presented a parallel session paper on ‘Information Overload: how our biases get the better of us and how to be better understood‘ detailing four psychological biases that can get in the way of understanding, and three tactics to communicate better

In addition to this thought leadership, the group enjoyed a few moments of networking and bonding, including hosting a dinner out at Kraft Basel by the river Rhine on Tuesday night, and being treated to some ‘up close magic’ at a splendid EphMRA evening event at the Elisabeth Open Church in Basel, whilst being serenaded by musicians and singers.

We hope the other attendees had safe travels home, and look forward to the next chance to connect.

To connect NOW, to hear more about the conference, or to receive a free summary of our award and paper, please get in touch.

*Although Cathy was the one present to accept the award, the project team included Andrew Bajorek (Research Director), Vincent Huart (Research Executive), and consultation from the HRW shift behavioural science expert team.

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