On May 19th we were delighted to host HRW’s Innovation Day 2020: an afternoon of short webinars guiding you through a wide variety of recent innovations, technologies, and methodologies that have been evaluated or piloted by HRW in self-funded studies.

From wearable technology to Fast Association Tests, our presenters shared a balanced view of how these different tools: how they work, where they add value (and where they should be used with caution!), with real examples from our pilots and subsequent client studies.

Scroll down to review our full range of sessions and keynote speakers – and click to watch the recordings

Our programme for 2020 covered:

  • Market research stimulus design including virtual reality
  • The use of fast association tests in market research
  • Experimental economics to improve the accuracy of uptake measurement
  • Neurometrics and their application in market research
  • The use of passive sensors and scales to monitor adherence
  • Eye tracking and facial coding in campaign research
  • Wearable technology to walk in patients’ shoes
  • Passive digital media tracking and real-world smartphone app use
  • Capture of voice recordings in quant surveys

Enjoyed sharing and exploring these areas of innovation with you! Please get in touch via info@hrwhealthcare.com for the password to open recordings

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