Viz-Fest 2017 is a week-long webinar series that brings together market leading experts from both agency and client-side fields to explore data visualisation, insight communications and its importance in the changing market research landscape.

We are thrilled to announce that our submission met with such excitement with the deciding panel, that an additional presentation was added to the schedule on Thursday, 2nd November. HRW’s Katy Irving (Head of Innovation) will be speaking about digital technologies (a subject close to her heart), specifically the unique values and considerations for digital output formats within client teams.

In her presentation, she will describe how every brand team looks to bring their customers in to the boardroom in a real and tangible way, and we know that priming and contextual cues are critical facets driving behaviour. In the healthcare space, where we work, it can be difficult for brand teams to really see, hear, and feel the customer environment. The hum of the hectic ICU, the crowded desk of a primary care physician, or the darkness of an elderly patient’s home.

Digital technologies (heads up displays like glasses, virtual reality, and augmented reality) are becoming more accessible and cost effective, making these outputs even easier to capture in a research environment and bring to clients in a way that really puts clients in customers’ shoes.

In a series of case studies covering self-funded and client research, she showcases an honest review of the benefits, drawbacks, and considerations for how to utilise these technologies, including how:

  1. The point of view lens is more effective at facilitating empathy
  2. The novel style of augmented reality outputs can help deliver greater attention to research output within client companies
  3. The immersive nature of virtual reality is associated with higher detail retention and can communicate ‘intangible and experiential’ outputs

To book your space for this webinar or get access to the recording, please visit the Viz-Fest website.

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