HRW talking technology and behavioural science at BHBIA


HRW - Talking technology image

We are thrilled to announce that we have been invited to convene a training session at the BHBIA Annual Conference 2018 – The Ripple Effect, on day 1, May 14th at 14:45.

Joining forces, Katy Irving (Head of Innovation, HRW) and Sarah Morley (Senior Market Research Manager, Janssen) will be talking about interrogating the real potential behind ‘whizzy’ technology offerings and what, if any benefits they bring to the market research environment.

In the race for a ripple effect, many pharma brands are turning to emerging digital technologies to engage their customers; wearable/implantable devices, apps, or virtual reality. But when it comes to testing these in a market research environment, how do we ensure form doesn’t triumph over function? In this case-study based training session we introduce a toolkit of factors from applied behavioural science that we all can use to dig deeper behind the ‘gimmick’ and identify whether technologies have real potential to make a difference and, critically, sustain engagement over time.

To book your place, or to find out more, visit the BHBIA website.