HRW's Celebration of Behavioural Science

19.02.2021 - Five sessions, between 20-40 minutes

On Tuesday 16th February 2021, we were delighted to launch HRW’s inaugural Celebration of Behavioural Science.

This complimentary webinar series, hosted by our in-house experts, explored a range of BSci topics: ranging from “beginner” to “advanced” expertise, and including an opportunity for free advice on your questions about applying this exciting tool to your business questions.

Scroll down to find out more about the full range of sessions and speakers, and a link to each recording. The recordings are password protected: please get in touch via  for the password to open recordings, or use the form below.

Our programme for 2021 included:

  • Going beyond system 1 and system 2
  • Exploring the MINDSPACE prioritisation of “nudge” tactics
  • Understanding the COM-B model
  • Surprising situations where BSci has provided powerful answers
  • Behavioural Science Agony Aunt clinic for free advice